Accounting Data Security

Our Security Philosophy

We understand the sensitivity and importance of your data and information. Our security philosophy is a guiding principle of our core values.

  • Commitment to confidentiality of information
  • Continual check and internal control on safety of information
  • Restricted access to important information

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Giving contractual validity to our commitment to security, we encourage all our customers to sign a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement with us.

Systems Security

  • Network protected with firewalls
  • All data transfer is 128-bit encrypted

Workstation Security

  • Dual-Monitor workstations for paperless environment
  • Limited internet access on need-basis. No personal e-mail access
  • No facility of external hard drives available in the workstations
  • Workstations secured individually by Anti-Virus, Ant-Spam software and Firewall protection

Employee Credibility

Security is about people and their credibility. Right from recruitment we set integrity and trustworthiness among the most non-negotiable qualities of an employee.

  • We recruit our employees from personal references only
  • Conduct thorough background checks before employment
  • Employees sign a confidentiality agreement with the company before induction
  • Core information shared only within a limited group of people
  • Constant monitoring